Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Into the wilds...

Well I spent my weekend eating enormous amounts of excellent food and getting drunk with friends in Wales. It was awesome! But probably a bit tedious for you to read about 'in-depth'*, so I'm just giving you the major highlight:

Dolphins! Actual dolphins! I have never seen such things in the wild before - so was very excited on the hill we were perched on at the coast. Catching them on my camera was difficult, but clicky-click on the picture above, look at the black smudge in the middle and feel my jubilation.

And now the short week has started, here I am at my desk and already I am covered in nonsense and confronted with all sorts of fresh hell.

"Fox's wife, Vicky, was a shoe designer and a former protege of Jimmy Choo. She has retrained as a yoga instructor. "She is unfeasibly supple," volunteers Fox, rather unnecessarily."

(c/o this interview)


I think I speak for the world at large as I declare that this is far too much information.

* Largely because any "hilarious" witticism s have probably been lost for good in a mix of alcohol and fresh air, and were only really funny for people who have known each other for years anyway. I'm cutting my losses.

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