Friday, August 01, 2008

A local update for local people

Because basically I've noticed I haven't talked about Clapham for a while.

1. They're re-phased the traffic lights outside Sainsbury's so you don't have to wait until all of your freshly brought ice-cream has melted before you can cross the road.

2. It is quite hot. This has brought out a rash of flying ants and slightly smug couples - are the two related?

3. The strange and, um, quite large lady is still peeing up against the side of Londis. Can someone perhaps ask her to do this elsewhere?

4. They've done a very shiny refurbishment of the Clapham Picture House - and the ticket booth is also the magnificent sweet and drink counter of goodness, so you don't have to queue twice. HOW SENSIBLE IS THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

5. Everyone in the office went OOOOOOOO last month when spotted Oliver Chris of Green Wing and other such telly fame having a quiet moment outside a nearby buildling.

Jog on! As most people seem to do round here. If you have a reasonably normal body shape and size it's quite possible to feel fundamentally inadequate as a human being just by popping out to get some tea. Honestly. Are they giving out gym membership with Osyter card top-ups...


Tim Footman said...

Is "a quiet moment" a euphemism for something dreadful?

Boz said...

Yes! It's true! He was stamping on kittens!

No. He wasn't really, telly fans. He was perhaps on a break from something. Rehearsing, maybe.

james henry said...

I think he's taking a politics degree at the moment. Possibly.

He does look a bit like a slightly pervy Tory MP. But in a good way.

Boz said...

..words straight from a telly insider! You heard it here first folks!

I'm not going to let on my thoughts about him as a pervy MP. Ahem. Cough.