Friday, August 01, 2008

"My lovely horse. My lovely horse" etc.

Bugger the eclipse - more unusual portents are upon us.

I find myself in total agreement with Katie "Jordan" Price. I never expected this situation to occur.

These are strange times. I fully expect a shower of incapacitated amphibians at any moment. Or someone to telephone me and tell me they have three quarters of a pineapple.

All my planets are out of sync.

Take heed of the signs, my friends. Take heed...


Geoff said...

"Maybe she should set up her own working class polo club using pit ponies."

Gerhard Von Trapp

Betty said...

I see that very classy people such as Kelly Brook, Caprice and Prince Charles were invited.

I do love the summer season, don't you? Jody Marsh was at Henley Regatta too.

Boz said...

Geoff - Peter Andre IS a pit pony, isn't he..?

Betty - I love summer season if I'm not there to participate in it. I'm more of a 'rather sit indoors with the telly' season kind of person.