Monday, August 18, 2008

Purl and spleen

Mmmm what a nice busy week off work.

I've seen this at the British Museum. Which leads to wonder if having a slight crush on a long-gone Roman emperor is entirely healthy. He seemed like quite a nice, clever dude. PR-led statues aside, a few lines of his reflective poetry written contemplating the near termination of his life at the end of the exhibition reduced me to tears:

"Little soul, little wanderer, little charmer, Body's guest and companion, To what places will you set out now?
To darkling, cold and gloomy ones - And you won't be making your usual jokes.

The 2008 BP Portrait award was also very good again this year - although there was a distressing amount of painting one's wife or girlfriend. Lovely and everything, but perhaps not the most absorbing or stimulating of subjects. Ooo that sounds harsh, but I definitely preferred the portraits with subjects who were less connected to the painter. I wonder why. Perhaps I have intimacy issues.

The over to the Southwark Playhouse for some theatre. This was good, but I'm not very familiar with the Moll Flanders story and Lady Donna assured me they had done their best to remove the vim, vigor and vitality of the women. But the staging was fun and it was an okay evening. A Restoration Greek chorus was kinda cool - can I have one, do we think? Plus I'm really glad to have ticked off the Playhouse as I hadn't been before. And for £7 you actually can't go wrong, really. So I shouldn't carp. But, er, I just have. Damn.

All this and I'm sleeping with my knitting teacher.*

Thankfullly I was able to counterbalance all this cultural activity with several bottles of wine and The X Factor on Saturday. And the ITV2 spin-off programme (Holly Willoughby - actually something of a revelation; she has got a personality after all! And a good one! And was funny and shizz! You would never have known this from Dancing On Ice).

Also, best comeback in a musical spat of the week - go The Ronson! I am on his side partly because the notion of either Gallagher brother accusing anyone else of derivative music is frankly hilarious, and also my sister has a big crush on him. These factors have over-ridden my teenage enjoyment of Definitely, Maybe. Which lets face it was a while ago now.

So that's me at the moment. Knit on.

UPDATE: Shit, I baked a not-too-shabby carrot cake too (after discovering halfway through making the mixture I didn't have a cake tin, going out, buying one, coming home, baking the blasted thing (also - revelation - CHEESE in ICING. Amaaaazing.)). Knitting? Cardigans? Baking? Unsuitably crushes on dead emperors? I am evolving into a glorious old grannie. AND I LOVE IT.

* The marketing strategy worked - hurrah.


Hedgie said...

Hadrian is my crush too! Seeing him this thursday!

Michael said...

Well done for actually getting out of the house, let alone being so culchewrull. You're an inspiration to us all!

patroclus said...

You seduced a knitting teacher with a marketing strategy? I demand more information!

james henry said...


Amazing what one can achieve with a Powerpoint presentation with a saucy kink on the X-axis.

Boz said...

Hedgie - I was really interested in how the Romans communicated his image across the empire and all the statues were so recognisably and definitely him. Swoon.

Michael - I should add that I didn't exactly rush out of the house early. There was also a LOT of sleeping.

Patroclus and James - Heh! Lets see what happens. In matters of the heart I am a pessimist, so it's bound to go base over apex soon..

Boz said...

Patroclus and James (again) - But this is good; when I asked 'the knitting teacher' what his dream job would be he answered, "something with the UN. Or Chanel." (Pause) "Or both."