Monday, September 29, 2008

Now, I'm no Professor of Economics...

Look kids! The global economy. It's all about numbers.

Unfortunately I was bit rubbish at numbers at school. So to me it's all...

Service Update

I sneakily snuck and upgraded my Blogger template so I could follow the digital herd* and do the funky sidebar thing with all the jazzy blog updates and such.

It was remarkably easy and stress free. All I seem to have lost is the extra box at the bottom with the "If I cannot dance I want no part of your revolution" quote by Emma Goldman. But as she probably said something slightly less catchy in reality, and it's been turned into a song by the marvellous Sophie Ellis Bextor**, then maybe the time had come for it to move along anyway.

So, in essence, HURRAH for Blogger and BOO to the evil overlord Wordpress, which is clearly brainwashing Bloggers everywhere into joining The Dark Side***.

(Wordpress is probably great. I'm just bitter. With lemons.)

* I'm always at least several steps behind on the Blogosphere. I've never even bothered to look up how to make my text all small, like proper footnotes. How lazy is that?

** WARNING: By clicking on this 'hyperlink' you may inadvertently be exposed to some unexpected Ben Shepherd. Sorry 'bout that. But I have at least warned you.

*** Although mostly the white and, like, nicely clean and simply side, in reality.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Next week: State Sponsored Craft Camps..

Can anyone actually give me a good reason why we are splitting people in the same country into those who carry ID Cards and those who don't?

Because I will be dammed if I have an ID card in 2011.

I hate my Government for this.


Thankfully Shami Chakrabarti is on hand for some common sense.

Thank you rant over.

* Their actual name. I'm not at all biased and judgemental in my political views. At ALL. Buttheystolemymilk. And I grew up in that kind of Household. I thought Thatcher was an actual robot for a number of months.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What is it about newsreaders?

My flatmate has been campaigning for years to get Moira Stuart as a baddie on Doctor Who. First The Adventure Game, now tax return adverts.

We're one step closer, peoples.

Steven Moffatt take heed!

She would be amazing though. I can't find her appearance on Have I Got News for You on youtube which was also hilarious. Some spunky young comic suggests she would be amazing in the bedroom, and she parries immediately with "You'll never know.".


Friday, September 19, 2008

It's a grower!*

I see the new Bond Theme has surfaced online**.

Boz Likes! Not that that is in any way the seal of approval the high production values demanded, but it's awwwwlright. Bit stompy. Bit different. Bit like 2 Hearts by Brave Kylie*** but with a few more instraments behind it. White and Keyes go well together, and I bet it works a treat on the credits. My money is on it doing okay.

I can't believe I just said 'a bit like Kylie'.

(I should add my favourite Bond theme is probably the one by Lulu, so my judgement is not to be trusted.)

Round my way we are only disappointed that they didn;t go with our artist suggestion, which was using Jayne McDonald.

It would have been shite obviously, but funny. As Little Driker impersonated, she'd just belt out the song title:

"Quantun of Solaaaaace! Er. I once flew Qantus! It means a little bit of... solace!"


Anyway, next time I'm pretending I'm a global SuperSpy while picking up some detergent and Brillo Pads from Saisnburys, this will no doubtr be what I'm playing in my head.

The Jack & Alicia one, not McDonald one.

* Stop that sniggering at the back.
** Which I only link to here for sample purposes while it lasts etc etc, do download a propoer paid for version if you like it blah blah blah.
*** Copyright Popjustice.

Sort of news titbits sort of thing

Rugby hearthrob becomes poster boy for quantum physics! (swoon)*

Literature repositioned as medicine for the masses! Which of course they always were. Isn't there a fictional PM who turns to Austen in times of crisis? I know how he feels. The Bloomsbury place sounds excellent though, so I'll definitely give it a whirl.

Also, it appears that having a baby is a great way to boost web traffic.

Any offers?

* Actually less of that. Knitting Teacher has found this blog. Awooga! Awooga! Although he has said he wants to discover me without using the blog. Which is lucky really, because quite what conclusions anyone would draw from this collection of random thoughts is worrying. Swoon again, though.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Is that God? Oh no, just Jeremy Paxman."

Award for the best picture to illustrate a news story of the week.

I quite like it when things go a bit arse over apex in The Glamorous World of Telly. I was raised on an era of children's telly that was so wonderfully shoddy around the edges that things frequently went wrong. Therefore it is heartening to know that some of the UK's most slick media machines can have the odd tropical moment.

And it's not as if the dear old Beeb is only one. At all.

Channel 4's first few weeks were such a cack-handed entry into the televisual world that Hamlet famously parodied it in an advert.

I am quite happy to see my license fee being spent making some hapless presenter sweat under their make-up as something goes horrible wrong.

So hurrah to all the piss-poor turns on telly. After all, we're all only human.

Someone stop me if I start turning into Dennis Norden. Although that's probably preferable to the old lady I appear to be morphing into (cake baking! knitting!).

So. Yes. Not many adventures happening in Boz land today. I've had to resort to the outside world. Next week watch as we uncover what happened to the three party system in the UK (....where are the Lib Dems? On anything? At all??).

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mother called

"Why am I the last person in the family to find out you've been seeing someone for a month?!"


That'll learn to rush off and make dinner when I call.

Monday, September 08, 2008

And now I know... so it's in my head

Thanks to my wonderful friend Rob, this horrible problem about the male part of the lyrics to That's Not My Name, by Indie band du jour* The Ting Tings, is SOLVE-ED.

So, here for the rest of the world to find out about much more easily than I could, and to prevent others from standing in the shower shouting "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, MAN??" at the grouting, are the Boz-approved lyrics for the male part of the most-catchy song:

"The song is in my head
Now it's in my mind
Call it, reach it, get some words and get some timing
Though I realise
I cannot emphasise
Sittin round with just a promise, nothing binding
And can't you see,
That you're so desperately
Standing joking like a local one-liner
Instead I sit alone
This song is monotone
I gotta get some soul, I gotta get some feeling.

And breathe... relax... think of the sound of the sea...

* By which I mean the Grauniad run profiles of them.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Joy of Wool

So the knitting continues apace. I can knit and purl now. After a few disastrous first-trys where stichest kept vanishing into the ether and reappearing in just as random a fashion.

I have jazzy red needles.

So now I’m ready to try my first actual pattern, and seeing as I need something basic, and can do something good at the same time, I’ve picked the Innocent Big Knit. It’s fairly straightforward, it seems, and what's the point of knitting if you can't feel warm and fuzzy on the inside*. How far wrong can I go??

So obviously I need some more wool. And where does a debonair young metrosexualalist** such as myself go shopping for wool. WE GO TO LIBERTYS OF COURSE. High class haberdashery.

Knitting Teacher, who was raised by a woman who owned her own knitting shop, led me around the shelves of coloured balls. Pattern books were legion.

He surveyed the neatly arranged kingdom of buttons and riboons and fabric.

Knitting teacher: “This is just what home was like. Except there was a box of toys for kids. And the shelves were not quite as classy. I could spend a lot of time here,” (he said, while flicking through a knitting pattern catalogue that was trying very hard to make perfectly nice jumpers look unnecessarily sexy.)

Let's hope it doesn't all go a bit weird. Um. Yes. That is truly odd. And I bet that little girl was a right Madam...

Today I have busily been joining lots of knitting e-newsletter mailing lists.

In other home imporovement news, flatmate bought and had delivered last night a MOST SPLENDID coffee table. From this place here. It was laser cut or something on the day it was delivered, which is well-flashy in my world.

It is clearly the nicest thing by far in our flat. We looked at it for a while. Then tried puttiing different coloured objects on it to see how they looked. And then looked at at it in awe for some more. IS NICE.

Boz: “I feel a little as if we’ve had a baby.”

Flatmate: “Only more fun. And better looking.”


* Without having to actually interact with any smelly old people (sorry Gran).
** We’re probably not supposed to be metrosexuals anymore. I just don’t know what the next thing I’m supposed to be is. Emo-ette? Urban gay? Trouser Enthusiast? Style Emoticon?