Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Is that God? Oh no, just Jeremy Paxman."

Award for the best picture to illustrate a news story of the week.

I quite like it when things go a bit arse over apex in The Glamorous World of Telly. I was raised on an era of children's telly that was so wonderfully shoddy around the edges that things frequently went wrong. Therefore it is heartening to know that some of the UK's most slick media machines can have the odd tropical moment.

And it's not as if the dear old Beeb is only one. At all.

Channel 4's first few weeks were such a cack-handed entry into the televisual world that Hamlet famously parodied it in an advert.

I am quite happy to see my license fee being spent making some hapless presenter sweat under their make-up as something goes horrible wrong.

So hurrah to all the piss-poor turns on telly. After all, we're all only human.

Someone stop me if I start turning into Dennis Norden. Although that's probably preferable to the old lady I appear to be morphing into (cake baking! knitting!).

So. Yes. Not many adventures happening in Boz land today. I've had to resort to the outside world. Next week watch as we uncover what happened to the three party system in the UK (....where are the Lib Dems? On anything? At all??).


james henry said...

ARGH! The Lib Dem thing is driving me mental - the Guardian seems hell-bent as holding up the Tories as the only viable alternative to New Labour. Then when a Lib Dem does get on telly, Paxman kicks the shit out of them, ironically to prove he's not treating them any differently.

Hedgie said...

You win the award for best post title!

But seriously . . .Jeremy Paxman IS God!!!

Elex said...

we like your blog (chortle chortle gurgle) and chortle at it in our cottage sometimes.