Friday, September 19, 2008

It's a grower!*

I see the new Bond Theme has surfaced online**.

Boz Likes! Not that that is in any way the seal of approval the high production values demanded, but it's awwwwlright. Bit stompy. Bit different. Bit like 2 Hearts by Brave Kylie*** but with a few more instraments behind it. White and Keyes go well together, and I bet it works a treat on the credits. My money is on it doing okay.

I can't believe I just said 'a bit like Kylie'.

(I should add my favourite Bond theme is probably the one by Lulu, so my judgement is not to be trusted.)

Round my way we are only disappointed that they didn;t go with our artist suggestion, which was using Jayne McDonald.

It would have been shite obviously, but funny. As Little Driker impersonated, she'd just belt out the song title:

"Quantun of Solaaaaace! Er. I once flew Qantus! It means a little bit of... solace!"


Anyway, next time I'm pretending I'm a global SuperSpy while picking up some detergent and Brillo Pads from Saisnburys, this will no doubtr be what I'm playing in my head.

The Jack & Alicia one, not McDonald one.

* Stop that sniggering at the back.
** Which I only link to here for sample purposes while it lasts etc etc, do download a propoer paid for version if you like it blah blah blah.
*** Copyright Popjustice.


Michael said...

Jayne McDonald would have been great. Or maybe all of the Loose Women, swigging Tesco's Champagne from those oversized mugs, while a baying, whooping crowd of half-wits cheers them on.

Boz said...

That's the magic formula of ITV daytime! Right there my friend!

Betty said...

Jayne McDonald singing the Bond theme ... magnificent idea. Jayne McDonald duetting with Jack White or, even better, becoming the new drummer in the White Stripes, perhaps?

Have got to go off to YouTube to see if there's a video for her recent single Doctor's Orders. I bet she's wearing some sort of 1970's flared trouser suit in it.

Boz said...

Betty! Too long have you been absent from these digital shores... Which is a poor reflection of my content.

I can see Jayne as the new Meg White. With glittery earrings. I was in Woolies yesterday - shelves full of her album for £7.97. I wasn't sure if that was the price for the lot or for each CD...