Monday, September 29, 2008

Service Update

I sneakily snuck and upgraded my Blogger template so I could follow the digital herd* and do the funky sidebar thing with all the jazzy blog updates and such.

It was remarkably easy and stress free. All I seem to have lost is the extra box at the bottom with the "If I cannot dance I want no part of your revolution" quote by Emma Goldman. But as she probably said something slightly less catchy in reality, and it's been turned into a song by the marvellous Sophie Ellis Bextor**, then maybe the time had come for it to move along anyway.

So, in essence, HURRAH for Blogger and BOO to the evil overlord Wordpress, which is clearly brainwashing Bloggers everywhere into joining The Dark Side***.

(Wordpress is probably great. I'm just bitter. With lemons.)

* I'm always at least several steps behind on the Blogosphere. I've never even bothered to look up how to make my text all small, like proper footnotes. How lazy is that?

** WARNING: By clicking on this 'hyperlink' you may inadvertently be exposed to some unexpected Ben Shepherd. Sorry 'bout that. But I have at least warned you.

*** Although mostly the white and, like, nicely clean and simply side, in reality.

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