Thursday, September 25, 2008

What is it about newsreaders?

My flatmate has been campaigning for years to get Moira Stuart as a baddie on Doctor Who. First The Adventure Game, now tax return adverts.

We're one step closer, peoples.

Steven Moffatt take heed!

She would be amazing though. I can't find her appearance on Have I Got News for You on youtube which was also hilarious. Some spunky young comic suggests she would be amazing in the bedroom, and she parries immediately with "You'll never know.".



Vicus Scurra said...

She's mediocre in the bedroom, and compounds this by going over the main points in summary at the end. Slightly more kinky than Robert Dougall, though.

Boz said...

I've slept with people who do that. I reckon it's better than just open criticism.

Betty said...

My mother used to say that Robert Dougall was "a very nice man". How she managed to work this out by just watching him read the news each evening I'll never know. Mind you, you probably weren't even born before he died. It leaves old gits like Vicus and me to keep the Dougall flame burning.

Boz said...

Wikipedia tells me he had a flair for languages and his descendents are of a musical bent. So there we are then. I consider myself bettered!