Thursday, October 30, 2008

Because this, comrades, is some serious choonage

Wild Beasts - Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants. Dir: OneInThree from OneInThree on Vimeo.

Yes. Yes, we like. We LIKE LOTS.

This is Wild Beasts. And this track deserves to do very well thank you please. I believe it has actually been out before, with a different video and stuff, but I'm pleased it's obviously got some marketing money being pumped into it now.

ALL CREDIT HERE to Lady Donna, as always one of the most important people in my universe,* who came back from summer festivals positively frottaging about this song. And with good cause.

Champion on!

UPDATE: Bête pointed out I missed finishing off a sentence in this post. I have rectified this. I should really blog with less haste.

* Yes. You are ranked. All of you.


La Bête said...

Wow. That is tremendous.

By the way, you're pleased it's obviously what? You were so excited, you couldn't get all your... nngh!

Thanks for sharing.

Boz said...

I got a bit over-excited again, clearly. Doh.