Monday, October 13, 2008

Minor Things Making the Global Financial Crisis Slightly More Acceptable - Part One

Perhaps, now the business world has realised that capitalism has some quite major flaws, next August my bank will choose not to send me a birthday card. The most stunning piece of direct-mail* recrement to pop through my letterbox in many a week. Trying to flog me financial services! On my birthday! OH THE HUMANITY!

I mean really. What were they thinking? Riled me up a treat. Luckily, being the happy-go-lucky late twenties scamp that I am**, I got more than one birthday card. If I hadn't, this might well have tipped me over the edge. AND THEN HOW WOULD HSBC FEEL, HMM?

Well. Not much, probably. Apart from a mild concern about who would pay off my overdraft. I have debt. Banks therefore quite like me. This is wrong - see the main pages of most newspapers at the moment.

Meanwhile - Hooray for all the blindingly ace people who have accepted the Adopt-A-Word challenge. You are all amazing and I love you and I haven't spent nearly enough time on the intermawebs telling you this. I have not found the opportunity to use the first one I gave myself yet. I will. OH YES I WILL.

UPDATE: I am not the only one tackling the financial crisis - Delrico and La Bête are also on theme.

* Apologies in advance to Patroclus, who if she had seen the literature in questions, I'm sure would agree that was an insult to professional copywriters everywhere. ***

** Lying is acceptable when not from a Bank.

*** No I still haven't worked out tiny text on Blogger. Things to do to while away the autumnal evenings of mellow mists and pointlessness...


Hedgie said...

Happy Birthday!

Boz said...

Thanks Hedgie! It was a little while ago now. At some point I am going to have to change the blurb on this blog to 'hurtling towards thirty'.