Friday, October 31, 2008

More Friday things from the intermawebs

Today, Quantum of Solace is released. As the preceeding months habve seen every conceivable type of Bond-related hype, papers are left writing articles on the Bond theme songs that never were.

I'm sure I've seen a piece on this already (I know, I'm such a media tart. It comes with the job.). But this one highlights the awesomeness that is St. Etienne's take on Tomorrow Never Dies.

Some clever and nice person on the youboobs has kindly chucked this up against the opening credits of the film- and it's ruddy good. laid back and lovely:

My favourite from that era was Pulp's version, which eventually found its way on the James Arnold theme tune project.

As already reported, I still the awfulness that is McDonald should have had a go. You know, fer a laugh. Because it'd be shite.

Bugger. I can't find anything else shiny and fun on the internets now. Dammit. That's it! Close up the shop! Turn off the web! Digital life is O.V.A.H!

I need things to cheer me today. Feeling slightly exposed and raw after seeing the literally breathtaking War Horse last night. Reader(s), I am not ashamed to admit I spent most of the last fifteen minutes in an undignified mess of snot and tears. It was brilliant. Forgive the luvvie outburst but the staging was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seeeeeen. I suppose part of it was using a children's tale and pulling out all the stops on it. It knew where to hit the emotional punches. BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT ANIMALS. Gahh...

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