Friday, November 21, 2008

Boz pimps his age

Right, all I'm saying is, the original "1990's, time for Guru" version of Infinity by Guru Josh is ten million times better than the fancy, up-the-tempo, get some bint in for the video and added hi-hat 2008 nonsense. Which is officially big tub of cynical lard*

Betty will be with me on this, I'm sure.

Which is not to say old-skool chooons** can't be 'revisted', just like any other song. That Utah Saints re-jig was JUST as good as the original, and worked all the better for the awesome video.

Paul Gambaccini is missing a golden opportunity for a Radio 4 special programme here.

Basically, what we're calling for here is an early 90s week on X-Factor. C'mooon. It'd be brilliant. Diana doing some Mantronix, Eoghan tackling some Ce Ce Peniston. Alexandra making Blue Pearl's classic Dancing Naked In The Rain her own... no? No one is with me on this? Damn.

Wow. I really need to pull myself back into the noughties.

Anyway. So the Man Flu is over and I am back at work, and all the crabbier for it. AND no one told me Screenwipe was back! I had to go and find out all for myself! Chaa!

The big discovery of the week has definitely been that of all entertainment forms, blogs are possibly among the best when you are a bit poorly. I was barely in a state to follow the plot of Merlin on iPlayer, but dipping in and out of people's random thoughts and observations, letting your mouse take you anywhere you fancy, was perfect. Nothing too deep and heavy. Bite-size interesting bits.

I am struggling to find a suitable end to this blog post. I should really plan them better.

It must be time for another Lemsip...

* Why? WHY?? Where's the mandatory 90s synth piano sample gone? The increasingly threatening vocal? There's no place for big fluffy hats and going mental with glowsticks here... BAH, we say.

** As I have said before, and may say again, ain't no skool like the old skool.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"An experiment was carried out..."

When experiencing a virulent and Really Rather Serious 24 hour bout of man-flu, the following statements have been proved to be true:

Not falling asleep until 7.30am: Bad

Leaving work a slightly delirious answerphone message at 6.30am: *pinks*

Calling in sick / 'working from home'* for the first time since about 2002: Surely eligible for some kind of holy and special shiny reward? Hmm? Bastard parents and their passing on of immunities.

Realising it's a glorious day you can't enjoy: Well. Humph.

Daytime TV: "Meh". Actually not very good.

DVD box sets: Oooo.**

Feeling utter pants: Bleurgh.

Long hot baths the like of which we never normally have time for: Ahh very good.

When you have the prickly, flinching skin thing and the cold wet shower curtain slaps across your back: REALLY NOT VERY GOOD AT ALL.

Leaving of the womb-like bath: Kamikaze method favoured by subject.

Supportive texts and emails from friends and colleagues: Jolly lovely.

Bon Iver: Yes, take ten points.

A picture of Hattie Jacques from this random site to pass the time: Super.

Care package of soup and supplies from Lovely Flatmate: Really, utterly outstanding.

Finally, NAPS!: Awesome.

UPDATE: Slightly mad hair has also been found in the sample.

UPDATE NUMBER TWO: The scary little girl I thought was watching me when I woke up in my bedroom: NOT WELCOME!

* And yes, there has been. Although work requires addition of the substance Thought, and alas I think we're running on fumes, there.

** In my breaks, work chums!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Proof that chastisement sort of works, actually

After a severe ticking off by Vicus, I am attempting to liven things up with a thing stolen from another thing.

Having lurked for a while around the amazing RealDoc, I was there earlier and was prompted to laughter by her tag cloud thing.

I have cut this out, and am popping it below for your delectation, ENTIRELY WITHOUT HER PERMISSION*.


Is blog theft bad? Is it? Oh noes. I'm going to hell again.

To appease your murderous glint, is everyone now aware that you can stream live footage of puppies straight to your desktop? If nothing else, I have found this is an excellent way to stop all work happening in the office.**

I'm doing quite a good job of not mentioning that the new Star Trek trailer is online in HD, now. Because I'm assuming that if you care about such things, you'll already know. (Fan boy shivers)

Also, I mean gosh, Popbitch is probably old hat these days, but this link from the last newsletter is worth a peek for Family Guy fans. Aha.

Okay, look, so still nothing that interesting. I will try and Make Some Things Happen this week so I have something to blog about.

Move along, now. Literally nothing to see here.

* Terribly rude. Sorry RealDoc - awesome blog!

** Mowraaghahahahaha! I shall take the system down from the inside, comrades!

AND cold.

The non-update update of the day is that I'm really, really bored.

Is it possible to have run out of bits of internet to look at?


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Satan's Pop Music

This week I have been mostly gabbering away at a rate of knots to my flatmate.

He came back from a trip to Oz earlier this week, and none too soon because I had actually started seriously talking to the toilet. Geoffrey was getting full blown discourses on the state of humanity. Also complaints about shower hose pipes breaking. Which was annoying. I think my poor flatmate

None of this actually matters because the End Of The World has officially started.


Am I alone in thinking.. WTF?

Although in better new, Graham Linehan has ablog. Why does no one tell me these things?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Basically, we're just very hi-tech here at TFAOB


Oooo. Look at me, getting down with the 21st century technology.

This, peoples, is a QR code. You may have seen such things already, because as always I'm way behind the times. If you have a reader on your mobile phone and point it at such a thing, it'll reveal a weblink, message or phone number. I generated this one at the Kaywa website.

Print it out! Sticker it places! Do your own! What fun.

AND, I thought, eyes ever on the look out for inspiration, what a nifty knitting pattern. EXCEPT some bugger has got there before me. Damn them all and their awesome needlework and design ability (waves fist at internets). C/O We Made This there is also a top-notch QR Flickr group.

Basically the message here is that I am still enthusiastically aged about nine, and love anything that smacks slightly of secret agents. Wheeee!

(And yes shamelessly, I know I started playing around with this and my iPhone because of this piece from the Grauniad. Can't think of Pepsi without thinking of David Beckham (not, it has to be said, a man I think about very often) saying it in his squeaky voice in the wild west advert ages ago. I DIGRESS... and I'm still in brackets.)

I shall be hunting for things around London to zap with my phone. Probably while shout KAPLATT or SHAZOOM. I quite like the idea of Shakespeare in digital form...


Oh dear. More examples linked in the comments, if you fancy.