Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Basically, we're just very hi-tech here at TFAOB


Oooo. Look at me, getting down with the 21st century technology.

This, peoples, is a QR code. You may have seen such things already, because as always I'm way behind the times. If you have a reader on your mobile phone and point it at such a thing, it'll reveal a weblink, message or phone number. I generated this one at the Kaywa website.

Print it out! Sticker it places! Do your own! What fun.

AND, I thought, eyes ever on the look out for inspiration, what a nifty knitting pattern. EXCEPT some bugger has got there before me. Damn them all and their awesome needlework and design ability (waves fist at internets). C/O We Made This there is also a top-notch QR Flickr group.

Basically the message here is that I am still enthusiastically aged about nine, and love anything that smacks slightly of secret agents. Wheeee!

(And yes shamelessly, I know I started playing around with this and my iPhone because of this piece from the Grauniad. Can't think of Pepsi without thinking of David Beckham (not, it has to be said, a man I think about very often) saying it in his squeaky voice in the wild west advert ages ago. I DIGRESS... and I'm still in brackets.)

I shall be hunting for things around London to zap with my phone. Probably while shout KAPLATT or SHAZOOM. I quite like the idea of Shakespeare in digital form...


Oh dear. More examples linked in the comments, if you fancy.


Annie said...

'A reader on your phone'?

A what?

signed, A Luddite

Boz said...

No - that's a fair point. I explained that really badly. Basically it reads it like a barcode through the camera your mobile telecommunications device.

Which means, for my iPhones piddly little lens (are you paying attention Jobs?), you have to stand there for a bit and hold steady, like you dad trying too get good reception on the TV in the spare room.

Lots of flashy new phones let you just wave it nearby all easy like.

Annie said...

Ooh, it's like magic. Doubt it would work with mine, it's ancient and you have to shake it to make it work.

Boz said...