Friday, November 21, 2008

Boz pimps his age

Right, all I'm saying is, the original "1990's, time for Guru" version of Infinity by Guru Josh is ten million times better than the fancy, up-the-tempo, get some bint in for the video and added hi-hat 2008 nonsense. Which is officially big tub of cynical lard*

Betty will be with me on this, I'm sure.

Which is not to say old-skool chooons** can't be 'revisted', just like any other song. That Utah Saints re-jig was JUST as good as the original, and worked all the better for the awesome video.

Paul Gambaccini is missing a golden opportunity for a Radio 4 special programme here.

Basically, what we're calling for here is an early 90s week on X-Factor. C'mooon. It'd be brilliant. Diana doing some Mantronix, Eoghan tackling some Ce Ce Peniston. Alexandra making Blue Pearl's classic Dancing Naked In The Rain her own... no? No one is with me on this? Damn.

Wow. I really need to pull myself back into the noughties.

Anyway. So the Man Flu is over and I am back at work, and all the crabbier for it. AND no one told me Screenwipe was back! I had to go and find out all for myself! Chaa!

The big discovery of the week has definitely been that of all entertainment forms, blogs are possibly among the best when you are a bit poorly. I was barely in a state to follow the plot of Merlin on iPlayer, but dipping in and out of people's random thoughts and observations, letting your mouse take you anywhere you fancy, was perfect. Nothing too deep and heavy. Bite-size interesting bits.

I am struggling to find a suitable end to this blog post. I should really plan them better.

It must be time for another Lemsip...

* Why? WHY?? Where's the mandatory 90s synth piano sample gone? The increasingly threatening vocal? There's no place for big fluffy hats and going mental with glowsticks here... BAH, we say.

** As I have said before, and may say again, ain't no skool like the old skool.


Betty said...

Oh, you are absolutely right about Infinity. "1990's - time for the Guru!". You just knew that he was going to sink without trace after saying that, didn't you? I miss the daftness of the rave era. Basshunter and Cascada? Bah - okay to listen to for a couple of minutes but it's a bit like being beaten over the head with a brick. Even the mighty Scooter are best heard in small doses.

Boz said...

Of course he was. I mean - where you go next?

Have you seen Basshunter's CHRISTMAS SINGLE?

Another Last Christmas it is not.

Tim Footman said...

The Rozalla revival starts right here.

patroclus said...

Everybody's freeeeeee to feel good...

Is the new Guru Josh video the one in which a saucy bint lounges about on an Ikea Klippan sofa in an empty house before deciding to take a sledgehammer to the wall while wearing only a Princesse Tam-Tam bra and knickers? I don't know *what* Kevin McCloud would have to say about that.

Boz said...

Tim - Rozalla! Ahhhh. Halcyon days...

Patch - Or Beeny. Beeny would be very stern..