Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"An experiment was carried out..."

When experiencing a virulent and Really Rather Serious 24 hour bout of man-flu, the following statements have been proved to be true:

Not falling asleep until 7.30am: Bad

Leaving work a slightly delirious answerphone message at 6.30am: *pinks*

Calling in sick / 'working from home'* for the first time since about 2002: Surely eligible for some kind of holy and special shiny reward? Hmm? Bastard parents and their passing on of immunities.

Realising it's a glorious day you can't enjoy: Well. Humph.

Daytime TV: "Meh". Actually not very good.

DVD box sets: Oooo.**

Feeling utter pants: Bleurgh.

Long hot baths the like of which we never normally have time for: Ahh very good.

When you have the prickly, flinching skin thing and the cold wet shower curtain slaps across your back: REALLY NOT VERY GOOD AT ALL.

Leaving of the womb-like bath: Kamikaze method favoured by subject.

Supportive texts and emails from friends and colleagues: Jolly lovely.

Bon Iver: Yes, take ten points.

A picture of Hattie Jacques from this random site to pass the time: Super.

Care package of soup and supplies from Lovely Flatmate: Really, utterly outstanding.

Finally, NAPS!: Awesome.

UPDATE: Slightly mad hair has also been found in the sample.

UPDATE NUMBER TWO: The scary little girl I thought was watching me when I woke up in my bedroom: NOT WELCOME!

* And yes, there has been. Although work requires addition of the substance Thought, and alas I think we're running on fumes, there.

** In my breaks, work chums!


Lizzie Barrett said...

WHY are you working? Go be ill, man. Honestly.

realdoc said...

Why exactly is there a little girl in your bedroom?

Boz said...

That's the thing - there wasn't. I was confused when waking up.

Unless she's living under the bed.


Geoff said...

I've got mild man flu and I'm at home on holiday! Why does it always happen to me?

Little girl ghosts are more scary than little boy ghosts. Little boy ghosts can't keep a straight face.

Annie said...

You WORKED on your SICK DAY?

Ur doin it wrong...