Monday, November 17, 2008

Proof that chastisement sort of works, actually

After a severe ticking off by Vicus, I am attempting to liven things up with a thing stolen from another thing.

Having lurked for a while around the amazing RealDoc, I was there earlier and was prompted to laughter by her tag cloud thing.

I have cut this out, and am popping it below for your delectation, ENTIRELY WITHOUT HER PERMISSION*.


Is blog theft bad? Is it? Oh noes. I'm going to hell again.

To appease your murderous glint, is everyone now aware that you can stream live footage of puppies straight to your desktop? If nothing else, I have found this is an excellent way to stop all work happening in the office.**

I'm doing quite a good job of not mentioning that the new Star Trek trailer is online in HD, now. Because I'm assuming that if you care about such things, you'll already know. (Fan boy shivers)

Also, I mean gosh, Popbitch is probably old hat these days, but this link from the last newsletter is worth a peek for Family Guy fans. Aha.

Okay, look, so still nothing that interesting. I will try and Make Some Things Happen this week so I have something to blog about.

Move along, now. Literally nothing to see here.

* Terribly rude. Sorry RealDoc - awesome blog!

** Mowraaghahahahaha! I shall take the system down from the inside, comrades!


Vicus Scurra said...

That was much better!
I hope to find time to read it later.

Boz said...

Vicus - Defender of the Blogosphere.

realdoc said...

I don't mind boz, I shall even add you to my blogroll

Boz said...

Well, not only does a bit of telling off work, so does theft. Hurrah!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, kiddiewinkles!

Cheers Realdoc!