Thursday, December 11, 2008

A4 is M?

Here's fun, japers.

The School of Life are running an aphorism competition.

I think my favourite from the submitted entries so far is:

"Now is the winter of our dishcloth tent." (Elliott Cooper)

None of them are quite as good as some of the stuff that gets bandied around the office though:

“I like the flipchart. It’s like the gateway to creativity.”

“How do you play badminton if you’re blind..?”

“Does anyone know of any kitten looking for a home, that might have mentioned that it would like to come and live with me?”


Lizzie Barrett said...

Please tell me the middle one was Spong.

Boz said...

Ahhhh - no it wasn't. Although I see what you mean..

Jayne said...

Can I come and work at your place? The conversations at mine consist mostly of swearing (me) and sensible book type stuff (everybody else).

Boz said...

Jayne - I was recently having a fierce debate with a colleague about which sex has it worse and shouted "YEAH? WELL. VAGINAL DISCHARGE." quite loudly in a final lame attempt to settle the argument. It was only when my colleague went bright pink that I realised that the CEO was sitting behind me.

Jayne said...

Why on earth would anyone think it isn't women who has it worse? Periods. Childbirth. Stupid underwear. High heels. Vaginal discharge isn't even in the top 10.

If the CEO is female (hah!) you've probably earned yourself a promotion. If it's a bloke then you'll have a little note put in your file.*

* to go with all the other little notes...