Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Secret Society

I have not read the books, but I'm sure it's a jolly good film. Obviously I'm not exactly 'in touch' with the the average contemporary young lady, but most mainstream films don't really offer them the chance to swoon, feel moved and go down the slightly alternative and gothy path, so this is to be applauded. I mean, anything is better than Lindsay Lohan being perky, right?

While teenage and pre-teenage girls are endlessly marketed things, it's not often there a bit, well, dark. If it's the undead it's all Kate Beckinsale in tight catsuits or pub jokes about zombies. All good stuff, but probably not speaking to the heart of your average fifteen year old girl in Surrey, who secretly wants to run away and get bitten by werewolves.*

So, yes. While this film isn't going to be quite my cup of roibosh, I think it is a good thing it is out there in the universe. Maybe it'll even help some 'young uns'** get into some of the classic gothic literature, like Dracula, The Monk or the doorstop that is The Mysteries of Udolpho.***

It's just that every time I see this: my head I hear this:

Oh dear.

I did a course on the gothic novel at Uni. I can't help feeling I've let the lovely tutor down, somehow..

* Because don't we all?
** Shoot me now. Seriously.
*** Which in the case of the latter would at the very least help young ladies rejoice in the fact that they are not expected to wander around drafty grade one listed buildings in nighties, gasping and fainting a lot. Because that's tragically dull, wussy and unfullfilling.


Tim Footman said...

I interviewed the lovely Manda out of the Bis at the time of the release of their second album, which was going to make them huge international stars.

Ah well.

Annie said...

Ooh, I did the Gothic novel at Uni too, with a lovely tutor. I'm sure that's why I have a desire to see this film, though I'm some way *cough* past the target market.

I don't know, I think some Gothic heroines were quite feisty. Mina in Dracula, for example.

GreatSheElephant said...

annie, I don't know about the film but the books have a massive following amongst middle aged American stay at home moms.

Not that you're in that demographic either.

Boz said...

Tim - bless their hearts! Nawwww. I wonder how far doen the road to a second album Menswear got..

Annie - It wasn't the extremely lovely Vincent Quinn was it? I think you have to teach the gothic novel with a name like that.

Annie said...

Mine was the lovely Vic (short for Victor)Sage, which is an equally good Gothic name. Dr Frankenstein's first name was Victor.

Hmmm... Do you think they were their real names...?

GSE, that makes sense. Middle aged American stay at home moms are desperate for a sexy young vampire to come and take them away from it all.

Boz said...

Annie - Pleeeease tell me he was really a Professor Sage. The lost character from Cluedo. Marvellous!

Tim (again) - Manda has a solo career now, I think.

Jayne said...

I've read the first one because my American stayathomesoccermom friend said it was the best thing she'd ever read.

It's excruciating - Mills and Boon but without sex and with vampires. Sort of. Vampires who can wander round in daylight. Absolutely bloody dreadful. Bella needs a good slapping and Edward needs someone to cut his head off.*

If you want to get girls into vampires then give them BtVS and Angel on DVD then sit back.

*I'm happy to help. I'll bring my own saw.

Lizzie Barrett said...

It was around the time that he played a Sonata he'd composed for her that I threw the book across the room and laughed until I cried. Or possibly vice versa. I read the second because I had bought it with the first, and it's a bit like a car crash, you want to keep watching to see what else happens. I wiki'ed the others and decided that it was, in fact, the worst series ever written. I would rather rip my own eyes out than pay money to see that film. Mind you, my mate said it was better than the books because you had less of Bella's inner monologue about how amazing he is and how wonderful and the earth revolves around him and his biceps, yadda yadda yadda.

Erk. Am now feeling angry and unclean again for talking about it. Might pop to the pub.