Friday, December 05, 2008

YOO-HOO! I can SEE you!

Well, I can't really. But I have finally re-installed my Google Anal-Itics thingy after upgrading my template on Blogger (I sound like a cyber-prat). Hurrah! For I have missed finding out that people are discovering my blog with such enthralling search terms as "fridge glass shelf replacement manchester uk".


Although big shout out to whoever got here via "coventry train station is shit".

And at least three people in the last few weeks have made good use of this post, so I'm all about public service.

The Bloggers I CAN see are the ones from the Blue Cat Blog Meet 2008. Which was huge fun. And slightly silly. And definitely resulted in all parties having slightly fewer brain cells. Ho-dear.

Attentive bloggers will note that I am not attempting another marathon Further Advents posting marathon. This is because I'm close enough to necking cooking sherry already, and need no further encouragement. Else you shall find me in a disheveled mess in a corner of the blogosphere by 15th December.

This may happen anyway, of course. No promises.


Jayne said...

Put. Down. The. Cooking. Sherry.

I'd go for the tequila myself...

Jayne said...

PS ooooh, you've got one of those swanky (and slightly paranoid) blog owner approval things. Is this new or is it just that I've only ever lurked here before?

Betty said...

So James BC describes you as "surprisingly chiselled".

So, how chiselled are you percentage wise? As chiselled as that bloke who used to be in the Cuprinol ads? Or slightly less chiselled?

oyebilly said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of cooking sherry... *hic*

Boz said...

Jayne - these comment pages have MISSED you.

Betty - I read that as 'a bit chipped around the edges'. If I was on Antiques Roadshow, Bunny Campioni would probably say I wasn't in perfect condition.

Billy - 'rahhhhh! *hic*

Jayne said...

Betty - he lies. He's very chiselled - he was also quite hammered. boom boom!

Boz said...

...and my family say I'm a spanner, but I still think I'm one tool short of the full box.