Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adventures in India - Part One

Right. It turns out I took over a thousand pictures of India. Aha. Sometimes I wonder if digital cameras really are a good idea..

Hold on to your seats.

India, is a bit 1970s sometimes.. We did a lot of traveling around. I should say now me and my best mate Lady Donna went to visit her sister, who has been teaching art there for a year.

Yes. You can imagine how many pictures of mountains I have. The patchworky foliage at the bottom is part of a tea tree plantation.

In one region we passed through by train, all the station signs were imitations of London Underground signs.

5,000 year old cave paintings! You may need to click on this to make it bigger, matron.

This tea is not really tea. It's beer. Which is an easier approach than the places we went to that made us hide the beer bottles under the table because they either did not have a license or the beer was from the wrong region. The Government fixes the price of beer in each state.

Mmmm! Snackage!

River trip!

Boz is very easily amused. But then you knew this..

Kerala backwaters.

More backwaters in Kerala.

Beach we kicked off the holiday at. Pretty refreshing after a 14 hour train journey - which was huge fun. Felt very Darjeeling Limited.

And, the mandatory comedy cat picture..

Er. More to come?


Annie said...

Oooh, very gorgeous pictures. Very very jealous indeed... Just out of interest, in case I ever make it there one day, what was your itinerary and how long were you there for?

Jayne said...

More please! I lurve India. Did you do Cochin when you were in Kerala?

Hedgie said...

Fantastic! More, please.

Boz said...

Annie - yes, what I've done here is not really offer any idea of where I went and what I did. How stupidly remiss. I will amend this on the next batch of pictures.

Jayne - that cat is in Cochin.

Hedgie - Cheers Mister! Be careful what you ask for - I have almost a thousand.. Eep!

Jayne said...

I did the backwaters. And Cochin. And spend a week on a very relaxing hammock. Cochin was fascinating - from the Chinese fishing nets to Jewtown. Heh. Where did you stay?