Friday, January 23, 2009

Eat this, Mavis Beacon

Yes, yes, India pictures. I know. This weekend though. Trust me. No, really, trust me..

Being late to the party as always, does anyone have any views on Twitter? I am thinking of dipping a toe into it, but it's already complicated - do I be Boz, my real name, another alias... what what what? Is it any good? Should I bother? Will I just start using one line quips and not blogging properly?

Hmm. And hmm again.

Incidentally, I have some amazing noise canceling headphones. I am never traveling without them EVER again - you can actually hear things on airplanes! Although when you are just plodding around south London they echo the sound of your footfalls, which is not so good.

But the point of this is that thanks to my new headphones I have discovered that typing when you can't hear the noise your fingers make on the keyboard is enormously empowering.

Try it now, go on. Crank up something energetic and up-tempo on your MP3 player and plug in. I got through twice as much work as normal yesterday morning, thanks to the theme from Hot Fuzz.


Jayne said...

I have a different username on Twitter. Which I only dipped into after reading Patroclus's blog saying it was more fun than Facebook. I'll follow you if you'll follow me! Be Boz. You know you want to.

Headphones - Are they big ones that go right over your head, or earbud things?

And finally. Can I go home now?

LC said...

1) I have recently had to do lots of Twitter related research for work, but now that I've been forced to spend some time with it I'm really starting to like it. It makes a lot more sense if you use TweetDeck from your desktop instead of trying to work with the site through your browser.

2) What kind of noise cancelling headphones? Just out of professional interest...

3) The first piece of writing I ever got paid for was a review of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Fact.

4) I am great.

Boz said...

Jayne - Yes you can. That's official. Patroclus is such a blogosphere trailblazer, isn't she? Billy is on to something with the sainthood.


1. This is very helpful, thank you.
2. Philips SHN2500 Noise Cancelling in ear bud type things. The battery box mid-way down them is a bit annoying.
3. Amazing! How long did it take you to type up?
4. Undeniably so.

patroclus said...

I love Twitter, although it took me nearly two years to understand what's so good about it.

When I first joined I didn't realise it was OK to 'follow' people you don't know. Once I realised that, I was away, and I follow tons of really, really interesting people, all of whom are constantly posting links to really, really interesting things, and having really, really interesting discussions with each other.

If you do join, I recommend you use a desktop application like TweetDeck rather than the website itself, as it makes Twitter easier to use. (Also, TweetDeck is British, hurrah, and therefore to be applauded).

Re. username, you can change it at any time without afecting anything much, plus you can use a username *and* your real name if you so wish.

When you do join, you can follow me at @patroclus, and Mr BC at @james_blue_cat.

patroclus said...

Just to clarify, I didn't mean that the people I *do* know aren't interesting - it's just that I already had ways to keep up with them, so Twitter didn't seem to offer anything new.

People are so stupidly obsessed with 'celebrities' on Twitter, when they could be using it to learn stuff and share info and join in interesting conversations.

Boz said...

Patroclus - thank you so much for this very detailed response. It's enormously helpful! You are clearly able to offer a no-nonsense proper guide to Twitter. Some might say, a Bible of sorts..

Twitter sounds ideal, then. I'm terribly at real-life conversations, and much better on a whim on the internets. I will track my progress on this here blog type thing.

Lizzie Barrett said...

I'm on twitter! As queenspanky, of course, and it'[s my way of staying in touch at work as we have no Facebook. Come join!