Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Human


I thought Being Human was quite good.

I laughed a bit. It held my attention. Some interesting possibilities were set-up. And the cast changes didn't bother me too much either.*

All in all it was all jolly good fun, I enjoyed it and will be tuning in next week. Despite rapidly falling out of the BBC3 demographic.

But then I do like things with a small group of people developing habits together. Getting all clique-y. Like the Wombles.

Er. Bit worried about the potential death count though. Still. S'only Bristol..

* Er. Once I'd stop being distracted by how well Aidan Turner wears a t-shirt. Look, I'm not perfect. I know that's a pervy thing to say. I will at least admit that. The acting was good too, and all.


Jayne said...

Ditto. And you weren't alone in your distraction...

Shame Demons is so rubbish...

Sylvia said...

was at recording of Elvenquest, a new R4 comedy, last night so missed this.

MY daughter is going to her tutor tonight. Any chance of hiding in your house for an hour? I'm building up a bank of excuses to give my sister in law who lives nearby as I feel rather awful at disturbing their teatime.
A cheek, I know......