Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adventures in India - Part Two

Do you remember how I once went to India some time ago? And how I promised for the following month to put the second part of the pictures up?



Annie also rightly pointed out I hadn't given any useful information about where I went, so hopefully I'll rectify this now as well.

I tried to do one of those fancy web 2.0 maps which graphically shows where you've been. Only I couldn't make it work. So I haven't. Soz.

So! The tenuous excuse for going was that my Bezzy Mate Lady Donna's sister and her boyf were teaching in a school in Chennai, which we flew in and out of. Chennai looked, well, a bit hectic.

Luckily, when we arrived our hosts were on their holibobs too, so we caught an overnight train (an experience in itself - and something I thought I would never tick off the list of things I really wanted to do). to Varkala. Varkala is very western, to the point where Indian locals get kicked off the tourist bit of the beach. I'm not very comfortable with that kind of thing, but it was a nice gentle introduction to the country.

Then we headed into the Keralan backwaters to spend New Year's Eve, before heading up into the hills between Kerala and Tamil Nadu for jungles, beasties and trekking.

We went to Fort Cochin, for a bit of cultuchaa, then Thanjavur for some amaaaaaazing temples. Felt like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. Only without breaking things. Pondicherry, which really does feel French, and more beach stuff before jetting back out of Chennai.... Bliss....

I showed my parental units the pictures last weekend. My mum said of the last one below, "It looks just like Berkshire."

Thanks, Mum.

TO CONCLUDE; Boz's quick summary of India:

1. Yes, it is hot..
2. All the people we met were Super Lovely.
3. The South seems 'a bit more chilled out' than the North.
4. Going there for a beach holiday seems like a bit of a waste. Although those bits were nice too.
5. It is still very cheap, but getting a bit more expensive.
6. I liked the temples best.
7. Go, if you get the chance. And if you like that sort of thing.
8. Remember that the sun is stronger at altitude. Ow..


Annie said...

Ooooh! Aaaah! Gorgeous. Even more jealous now.

Jayne said...

Your mum's right, it does look a bit like Berkshire.

Your trip was very much like the one I did 3 years ago - except I was on my own and treated myself to some nice hotels (nominally in the name of safety but really because I'm too old to backpack and I can't be bothered to pretend otherwise). And I missed Pondicherry. Otherwise the itinerary is almost identical.

Now I've looked at your pix I want to go back right now. But suspect the dry rot in my roof will eat any spare cash I've got for the next couple of years. Bloody house.

*grumbles off*

Hedgie said...

Wow! It looks like it was a really wonderful trip. Your photos of the temples are magnificent. I must get planning now . . .