Sunday, February 01, 2009

And he could lip-read

India Part Two is on its way.

In the meantime, I am posting up something my flatmate found. He should really have his own blog. He is forever tripping over amazing and cool bits of the internet. I keep telling him this but he won't listen.

Or maybe he is and just not telling me. Maybe he has a blog called 'My Awful Flatmate' or something. Horrors!

Perhaps if I stop moaning at him about it he'll do it. Shushing now.

Anyway, he has found this amazing HAL 9000 project, with a really awesome simulation of HAL, a screensaver and such. HAL is definitely one of the creepiest characters in film, but also comes with some damn good graphics. Someone told me the fact that his name is all is just one letter away from IBM was coincidence. HMMM, I say. HMMM.

See, he would get the kudos for finding this if he had a blog*, but no. I have just stolen it to make me look good instead. AHAHAHAHAHAA.

UPDATE: He just called me a rude word. And threatened lawyers.

* And if he did have a blog, it would look really good too. No pressure or anything.

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