Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's like watching Anna Wintour eat at Nandos

Get this, right. I think Girls Aloud are proper brilliant. Last album? The Aces. Seriously.

Right, now that that's out of the way, let's all watch the publisher of Vogue squirm as he tries to explain how marvellous it is that Cheryl Cole on their cover boosted sales, while still trying to adopt a posher-than-thou stance more generally expected of his brand:

"I would be worried if the magazine was relentlessly putting a celebrity like that on the cover," he said. "The girl has clearly got it, whatever it is, I was going to say The X Factor, I know that she is on that programme although I never watch it."

One can only imagine the unimpressed look on Ms. Cole's face while reading this. She does brutal put downs quite well, when not encouraging bad singers on the X-Factor. As we can see from the very end of this.

Right. Normal service resumes now. Move along now!


Hedgie said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Excellent, thanks for pointing this out.

He's so grand, isn't he? Didn't his wife have an affair with David Blunkett, and they managed to get a free visa for their nanny out of it?

Silly to diss all those new customers, who've only come for Cheryl.

Jayne said...

Oh god, there are so many people like that in the publishing industry. Always makes me happy when I can see they're shocked that the publisher is a short, plump, loud Essex bird instead of the usual posh bint. I do tend to play it up if they're really awful...

Boz said...

Hedgie - It is a bit stupid to get snotty about your customers.

Jayne - Snob baiting is huuuge fun. Practically a national sport. Good people can get on with *anyone*.

james henry said...

I lurve Girls Aloud, but somehow still haven't quite worked out which one Cheryl Cole is. I know she's not the ginger one, who is apparently very sweet and grounded in real life,