Wednesday, March 04, 2009

On hoooman rights

No, don't worry, I'm not abut to use the following paragraphs to get rhapsodic again about the finale of Being Human*.

But the Tories reckon the Human Rights Act is due to be binned, hey?

A few years ago I was lucky enough to hear Shami Chakrabarti speak at a private event for charities. She is amazing and I have made no secret about the fact I think she is brilliant and her work stunningly important (what most people miss is that she is also uproariously funny and definitely one of the people on my dream dinner party list, if catering for more than two people at a time didn't give me palpitations).

Back then she was passionate in her defence on the Human Rights Act, and it is good to see she still holds the same views.

Repealing the HRA would be dangerous folly, leaving civil liberties in the UK effectively stranded alone in the world and open to manipulation by whichever party happens to be in power at the time. Scoring political points by abandoning effective legislation is stoopid.

I'm not saying it's perfect, and may have ideological imperfections, but it's the best we have, and the longer it stands the more continuous a stretch back in time it experiences, the stronger it becomes. The world may have changed dramatically in the last sixty years, but fundamental human rights have not. More people should know about the HRA.

Anyway. I'm struggling to be eloquent. Read this instead.

Ooo look at me, going all political.

Also, is anyone else angered by the ruling that it is now illegal to take pictrues of police on the streets? Surely that's part of the police gig, tight? And one person in such a heavy uniform looks fairly indistinct from another??


* Although I did really enjoy it and am happy it has won a second series. It has its flaws, but that just makes it all the more endearing, if you ask me. It's homespun. And it has one of the best Harry Potter quotes I ever did see.

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Annie said...

Finale! Is it over? *panics*

Phew, it's not over, it's just the first series. Hurrah.

Oh yes, human rights. I am afeared for our human rights, especially as even the rightwing old bastard Tories seem a bit shocked at the way New Labour has been dismantling our civil liberties bit by bit over the last ten years, but now even they're getting in on the act.

Quite recently I saw a whole lot of policemen filming these nice middleclass teenage girls protesting outside a fur shop in Brick Lane - the girls starting filming them back. It was quite funny, but also very irritating as you NEVER see policemen on the streets of East London anymore, unless they're racing through them in a squad car (or flying overhead in helicopters). Cannot believe that their nice polite protest was a threat to anybody...