Thursday, March 19, 2009


Like the little meeja dahling that I'm not really but try and pretend I am sometimes, I've been following the Twitter feed for the Guardian Media Summit.

I know. How modern.

At some point it seems this 1969 film was presented, which the Post Office of all people made to try and help predict the communications technology of the future. It's brilliant! But like those 1950s films where everyone wears bits of tinfoil and eats liquidised food.

Some early thoughts:

1. Someone had fun making that model of the town.
2. Everyone is very white.
3. Royal Mail appear to imply that every man in the future will have a cheap bit of fluff on the side. In fact, women do not come across well here.
4. OMG that wallpaper.
5. OMG some of those fashions are back in now.

In all fairness, they have a fairly good idea of some of the ideas, even if they don't hit on the way the technology will be used or the information delivered.

(Thanks to Pontus Westberg for the original Tweet and YouTube link.


Richard said...

And dashing young blades look like John Redwood.

Michael said...

Oh God, I love this kind of thing so much.


"No, I said I'd come, didn't I?"

"Yes, marvellous"

"Right, let's have a look at you, Bill" and the following couple of lines, which make him sound like he's using an early version of Gaydar.

'Mr Harbottle'

Taking a copy from the screen - on photosensitive paper!

The existential angst of getting to the bottom of the staircase, being paged, and having to ascend again.

I could watch hours of this stuff.

Tim Footman said...

Damn, Richard beat me to the Redwood.

But I was impressed by Ed Harris's English accent.