Thursday, April 02, 2009

Marital problems

No, not me. Obviously.

I am off to a friend's weeding this weekend (hurrahs!) but am having a bit of 'mare about what to wear.

Yes, this is very silly I know. The important thing is that I'm there for my mates, roight?

The problematicals are thus:

1. Wedding is in some kind of country house type thing. The wedding party is taking over the place, but I'm led to understand it's quite a relaxed affair and not ultra posh.
2. Groom and close male members of the family will be in suits. Okay..
3. Told jeans and smart shirt would be fine, but..
4. The only suits I have are a wee bit 'corporate' (I KNOW. THE IRONY.)
5. Only smart shirts I have don't go with suit bottoms..
6. Girl friends will inevitably be wearing some SIMPLE YET STUNNING number they have bought for the occasion, twinned with tasteful and classy accessories.
7. There is apparently only one iron in the entire place...
8. The ceremony is not a religious one, but a registry office type one. No God here. Does that mean I can wear turn-ups?

But my question is, what is and is not acceptable to wear to a modern wedding do? I can;t help thinking jeans are somehow an insult when worn in the same room as a wedding dress.

I'm sort of hoping that the fact that I'm getting my hair cut will make up for all this.


GreatSheElephant said...

Suit. sorry.

Boz said...

Don't be sorry! The best advice chimes with something you're half-thinking anyway. Hum....

Tim Footman said...

Remember when yt=ou forgot your PE kit? VEST AND PANTS, LAD!

Hedgie said...

What problem????? As Lily Allen so astutely puts it:

"But it doesn't matter 'cause I'm packing plastic
And that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic"

GO SHOPPING! :-) You're buying them a wedding present anyway, right? So buy something for yourself too!

GreatSheElephant said...

Well, I'm also sorry for being directive. What I should have said is, 'Try to visualise yourself at the event. What do you see yourself wearing? And how does that feel?'

But I'd have been thinking SUIT.

LittleDrinker said...

Skinny-ish grey trousers, red/blue/black and white check shirt, black patent pointy shoes, black patent leather belt, skinny-ish black tie or skinny-ish differently-checked-than-shirt tie new hair.

Shiny. Go shopping.

Geoff said...

You can wear jeans at a wedding if you dress like Curiosity Killed The Cat.

LaLa said...

No, I don't think you can wear jeans. A wedding is a chance to frock up!

Could you buy a new pair of trousers, perhaps grey and wear them with white business shirt and then a black jumper over top. Fold up sleeves of shirt, then fold jumper sleeves over top. Collar out. I saw it on Queer Eye and my friend John wore it to a wedding and it looked great. Not too dressy, but not jeans.

Vicus Scurra said...

Don't bloody go, stay at home, watch the telly and wear what you like.
What are you, some kind of girl?
I hope that this helps.

Boz said...

You are all MARVELLOUS. This is really helpful!

The problem being I need to choose from what I've already got. Global recession and all means fresh shopping is unlikely.

I leave in 45 minutes. I think I have it sorted; smart trews / suit bottoms, shirt - choice of plain or striped - and possibly a waistcoat. Which may be a bit much.

I'm telling you now that in all honesty that the shoes will be a travesty. Ah well.

These people are doing it right.

Jayne said...

am astonished nobody suggested your birthday suit...

Boz said...

Jayne - you flatter me wildly madam..

(I love it, carry on)