Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Texas. Not Beyonce.

Throwing financial caution to the wind, we appear to have acquired an X Box 360, to compliment our Wii. And there's an unlikely sounding sentence.

I find myself wandering around Halo 3 levels sort of not knowing what's happening, sortofthing. I've never played a Halo game before and it's all a bit 'right, off we go then, get shooting'.

A friend said it was like GoldenEye*, but with a million buttons to learn. It is. Sort of, except because the aliens are all, well, aliens, I have no emotional involvement with them. I rarely get close enough to the buggers to see much of them. They are like dark shapes firing lots of space-age weaponry at me.

At the moment, my main tactic is running into rooms crowded with Bad Things and firing whatever weapon I happen to be holding wildly. So far it's working a treat, but I suspect I'll have to start adopting slightly more cunning stratagems soon. After a while, the sound of my team members shouting "Stop firing at ME" gets annoying.

The 'Theatre' mode is cool though. You can re-watch yourself playing the levels you have played, but pause it and move the camera around anywhere, bullet-time stylee. Cor.

Now all I have to do is stop singing Texas and Beyonce songs every time I do something well, because really it is starting to get in the way and detract from the 'edgy cool' of the games itself.

Grand Theft Auto IV is scarily amazing.

I am a bit glad we didn't have enough money for a PS3, as the graphics seem hyper-ultra-real and would give me concerning dreams.

Here endeth the games review. **

* The. Best. Video. Game. Evah. And the cause of many wasted hours at University.
** What do you meeeean it's sunny outside? So?!?


Michael said...

I hope you mean you sing every time you do anything well generally and not just when playing computer games. Never stop doing that.

Lizzie Barrett said...

That is the best tactic when it comes to Halo. I've kicked ass with that tactic for years. Preferably with a shotgun. When playing player v player, others have been known to shout 'keep Lizzie away from the shotgun' and furiously scramble to get it first.

Damn I love Halo. Try Call of Duty as well, they are aces.

Boz said...

Lizzie - I am chuffed to know I'm not alone. I just beat the second big beetle tank thing. Well happy.