Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Way We Work Now.

The hotly anticipated office move into town (where all the shexy people are, doing hip things and being all thrilling and exciting) looks to have hit some kind of hiatus.

The signs were all there - being scheduled to move in two weeks time, not knowing where we were moving too. That kind of thing.

I have decided I will throw recessionary job protectionism to the wind and mutiny until this is rectified.

I say mutiny, I mean massive sulk.

I say massive sulk, I really pointed indifference to all around me.

I suspect that many co-workers and colleagues will see no noticeable difference.

My hopes are far too high anyway. I've been reading too much of this and this. If I'm in a shiny office with fancy furniture and things, I can pretend I have an exciting, go-gettery job and such. I'll care what I wear to work, and be happier, and more fulfilled, and the downturn will end and all the plastic in the world will suddenly become highly biodegradable.

Or in Free Agents.


File on.


GreatSheElephant said...

Oh bum. That's disappointing.

Elex said...

THEY HAVEN'T TOLD YOU YET?! were they going to wait until the day of the move and then organise a treasure hunt to find the new office which turns out to be just the old one, sadly redecorated in the hours you've all been out trying to find the new one.......

You need to get out I say. The recession vanishes if you repair to the country and the rain and growning vegetables.

Boz said...

RIGHT. Seems as if it is still on, but now mid-May. We still don;t know where too. I'm hoping someone in the business does..

Massive Indifference went largely unnoticed, as I was working from home.