Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Could Pee Heroes

Right then. Here's me. I've been prodded, so to speak, by another blogger for not posting. Guilty as charged! Damn you, Twitter... but Blogging survived Facebook, so I'm confident that it'll survive Twitter. After all, Twitter can't get any bigger (noisier?), can it?

THING ONE: Office Move is now happening later in May. This is almost official. This is almost fact. I have urban joy!

THING TWO: It is finally Spring. I know. Fecking glorious!

THING THREE: **SPOILERS!** If you're bang up to the minute on telly's Heroes, and have managed to stay with it through the ups, downs and cross-dimensional 'with the what now?'s of the last series, this DigitalSpy interview with Bryan Fuller is really interesting. The way he talks about returning to the production and getting a grip back on costs, storylines and characters is dead interesting. He's very honest and not overly critical of what happened when he was not there. Which is nice.


THING FIVE: ...Epic Dignity Fail.

THING SIX: I spent Easter at m'folks, with t'nephews. Youngest and smallest nephew managed to produce a pooh the size of a can of baked beans. Naturally I had to take a photo of this and show the whole family. I won't show it here. Obviously. However, this will be remembered when he is in his teens. Unfortunately, no doubt he will also remember it when is choosing which care home to put his doddery old uncle in. Oh... crap.

Okay so. Not the most amazing post ever, but do I get points for the kitten..? No...?


Michael said...

Like I can talk! But, somehow, everything seems a bit brighter now... Thanks!

Hedgie said...

Kitteh is beyond beyond gorgeous.

Nephew's nappy situation - TMI!!! - Reminds me of when my niece expressed a marked - almost violent - preference for uncle Hedgie as a nappy changer - imagine my delight. however as a result I can face the care home scenario with relative confidence.