Friday, May 08, 2009

All the rage: flesh-eating diseases.

Right, seriously, just for second, what exactly is an image like this going to do to the average spotty fourteen year old's perception of what a normal body actually looks like!? What's that gonna do to your self-esteem, when this is beaming out from every magazine rack?

Unless there's some VERY SUSPECT PhotoShop action going on there (which I expect there is anyway), that bloke is not a normal shape. Right? Bodies don't really do that.

Shame on you, Men's Fitness. That has nothing to do with health or fitness. It is pure vanity.

I "go" to the gym every now and again. I guess it's a mix of wanting to be a bit healthier and, yes, some degree of concern about my physical appearance. But I think I have a more or less healthy attitude to life, food, Mars bars, and enough nouse to understand that big biceps and a stomach you can bounce rocks off, while yes all very nice 'n all, don't actually make you a better human being. Or a more fun one. And take a lot of time. Which could also be spent doing things like reading, enjoying Mars bars, watching telly, seeing friends, not taking steroids, enjoying another Mars bar, going to the cinema, having a walk, trying an Ice Cream Mars Bar, having a nice sit down, listening to music, volunteering work or other such productive activities.



Michael said...

Hmm, I'm beginning to regret posing for that now. (Ha ha ha ha ha etc.)

That is a weird image though; that torso looks like a piece of gnarly old rope. Hardly something to aspire to, even if you weren't repulsed by the chap's revolting delight in "his own" "body".

And who's the freaky devil man sneaking a glimpse from the bottom right corner?

Boz said...

The freaky devil is in fact Hugh Jackman trussed up as Wolverine. I didn't want to give airtime to their 'Wolverine Workout' and, er, associate a thing I like with something I don't like.

That head on the main man has been air-lifted in from someone else though.

Hedgie said...

I totally agree! I also "go" to the gym!

Possibly this is a sign that abs are jumping the shark. I mean, pity the poor editor - he has to put out cover after cover featuring the male torso. There's only so much you can do . . . eventually, we end up with freaks like this :-(