Tuesday, July 14, 2009

But there were disappointingly few car chases

My brain is in a strange place. I'm having lots of very odd dreams. Last night seemed to involve a plot nicked from a Zoë Heller novel, where I had an affair with someone, then ended up looking after his bitter partner into old age, until she eventually had me run over by youffs on bicycles on a sodden English country lane.

To fill the time in between there was much angst and confrontation in various European cities.

Also a sub-plot about a missing jewel.

When does the cheque for the films rights arrive in the post, do we think..?

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Michael said...

This sounds like something that ITV would have shown in the late 70s, probably starring Peter Egan and Sheila Gish. You don't get sodden English country lanes on telly anymore. That's the giveaway.