Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun To Be Had In Scottish Cities

I've never been to the Edinburgh Festival. I wish I had.


If I were going this year, I would definitely check out the most excellent and amusing Frisky & Mannish, who I first saw some while ago at a secret and not-to-be-talked-of event*:

The Pussycat Dolls and Kate Bush renditions are particularly noteworthy. Any act with the balls to combine Girls Aloud with The Wheels On The Bus should be wildly applauded.

This lovely page has details of the Edinburgh gig.

I thank you. Silliness ahoy, Midshipman Banana!

* Which involved bingo. I'm just saying.


GreatSheElephant said...

well go then. Why not?

Boz said...

Well. Money is the main reason really. Bit skint at the moment. But I shall one year.

Michael said...

It was at the Festival, back in 1992, that I was booed out of a venue. And I was in the audience.

Boz said...

Michael - Er. Don't take it personally..? Were you drunk??

Boz said...

I've Been thinking about this. I think I've never been because i assume it's really difficult to get tickets / find somewhere to stay and stuff. Am I wrong??

Michael said...

Tickets isn't the problem - it's accommodation. If you have friends anywhere near Edinburgh, book in with them, unless they've moved out for the Festival in order to pay off their mortgage by renting their place out. Or start saving now to pay for your accommodation for the 2016 Festival.