Thursday, July 23, 2009

Name, Number, Address, Email, Blog... who really still uses fax machines?

Two features on business cards hit my desk within hours today. The first from The Financial Times, and the second from On Office (which annoyingly appears not to be on the website.

FULL MARKS to Lego, who let you have your own little Lego man with your contact details on. Amazing!

Once you start looking, there is no end of imaginative designs for them.

My work one is a sort of blue/purple affair. Maybe I should head to Moo and make my own ones using my photo collection. Only that probably would not do a lot for my "professional" reputation. After all, your business card says a lot about you (and your brand).

This is why I could never start a business. I spend all my time on the business cards and stationery. I'd not get any work done.


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