Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Arse

I've completely forgotten how to write interesting blog posts that are not just a collection weakly strung together links.

Damn you Twitter!!

(Shakes fist at blogosky)

This requires some work...


Michael said...

You lost me around the 140 character mark, I'm afraid.

Tim Footman said...

You know how sometimes you write tweets that are a bit over the 140-character mark, and you trim them to fit? The next time that happens, why not say "This is too big for Twitter" and put it on the blog instead?

No, don't thank me, a reasonably priced Rioja will suffice.

Boz said...

Michael - Why I outta...

Tim - Define "reasonably priced" please? And are you suggesting I fill Twitter with lots of Tweets just saying "This is too big for Twitter" - I LIKE IT.

Ackshully, I'm thinking I could do with popping a few more pictures up in your erie. So expect to have some lovely visuals coming in your eyes most soonly.

Crapsticks. This comment is not officially more interesting than the post. Subversive.

It's Friiiiday.