Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Someone has tried to market stuff at me as a Blogger, I'm so happy I could weep!!

So. This morning, I cranked up my email and found the following email:

Hey Boz,

As a London-based blogger I thought you might enjoy the new animated video for my song “Goodbye London”.

It was animated onto photos of Camden, Hampstead Heath, Piccadilly Circus and other favourite parts of London.

The vid is here:

I’d be delighted if you’d help me spread the word by posting it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or myspace.


Luke Jackson

Thrills! I don't care if some record label lackey picked up my blog from some long-forgotten blog directory I signed up to in an early fit of blogging enthusiasm. Nor do I care that the blogosphere is getting quiter by the day and they may be running out of London blogger to find.


It's such a well-written, open and dead straightforward email. I have to applaud it.

Luckily, the song and video turn out to be a bit nifty. And do actually have some of my fave bits of London in:

Thank you, Luke Jackson. How is also on Twitter here.

Proof that those that ask nicely get everything they ask for.

UPDATE: Although - anyone know how to make this video fit my woefully out of date blog template? It really is time to update this blasted thing. I'm just a-fearin' losing everything..

UPDATE AGAIN: Despite valiant efforts by my flatmate, the Patron Saint of Blogging has come to my rescue vis the YouTube video size. Huzzahs!


Tim Footman said...

God you're a cheap date.

Will be whoring my next book at you. Keep September free.

Boz said...

Tim - I really, really am...

patroclus said...

Blimey, you're a marketer's dream!

To make the video fit, you need to adjust its width and height parameters in the bit of code you embedded from YouTube. Try using width of 400 and height of 324.

Boz said...

Patroclus: ooooo thanks. It's true. I will yap if someone waves something shiny at me.

Hedgie said...

*So jealous I could weep* Nobody's asked me to market anything! *sob*