Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"Yeah I think we missed the turn-off for the point some miles back, Dave."

Oh look. Stop it. Just stop it.

Monsieur Ambassadors, with news stories like this you are forcing me to go all Yummy Mummy on Yo Ass*.

Surely this is taking 'missing the point' to a whole new level. Are they trying to get this to be added to 2012 as a new Olympic sport? HELLO?

I try to buy organic food when I can afford to. I do not do this because I think an organic banana is going to be healthier for me* per se, I do this because I believe it is going to be less damaging for me.

And yes, I've already had Ben Goldacre waved under my nose. All this is well and good, and an interesting deconstruction of the argument. BUT. I still don't want artificially created pesticides, fertilizers or hormones cluttering up the stuff I eat. Because that stuff hangs around in the ecosystem, and no amount of argument will convince me that it isn't doing dodgy stuff to my body - which is already fighting pollution, chemicals in soaps and all the other Bad Stuff we fill the world with.

Also, organic food just tastes better.

I say this as someone who has just returned from his parents house, and enjoyed the plentiful organic goods of their allotment. MmmmMMMMM!

Anyway. That's today's rant. I'll try and frame a fw more posts in a more positive mental attitude..

ALSO. I love working in an office where someone approaches the workplace HiFi with a dark glint in their eye, murmuring the words "There can never be enough Fleetwood Mac in the world.."

* And I live in Clapham, where Yum-Mums actually are a growth industry. I'm knee-deep in Kath Kidston and how.

** Particularly as said banana has a good chance of ending up as, say, oo, I dunno, banana cake. [cackles]


Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you. I was tempted to pen an incisive missive on the same topic, but thought that all the swearing that would result would not be good for me.

Geoff said...

I used to get the Northern Line from Colliers Wood and couldn't believe the yuppie scrum at Clapham.

Once you've tasted a raw organic carrot you'll never turn back. But do they taste better in stews?

Boz said...

Vicus - I feel sorely sorry to have robbed the nation - and myself- of one of your missives, expletives or otherwise. I'm gutted.

Geoff - We march on Habitat at dawn...

Vicus Scurra said...

Boz. Please do not put yourself down. You said everything I wanted to say, and better than I could have done. I prefer to avoid the serious, so sincere thanks.