Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's all a bit self-pitying here today

Well I've just spent six minutes and thirty seconds looking at Derren Brown's balls, and I'm none the wiser. But then there's the fun. I look forward to the Friday programme where he explains all - like some illusionist Johnny Ball. S'very clever.*

Anyway, I'm packing my bags (nearly), readying my foreign currency (almost) and hot-footing it out of here (sometime next week, in fact).

I'm off on my holibobs again. And I can't begin to explain how ready I am for them, not least because the last time I went away was the last time anything interesting happened on this blog. But darnit I shall try.

Why I am ready for parts foreign (by Boz, aged thirty and a bit)

1. Work has been 'a bit busy'.
2. I have been punishing my poor body with late nights and booze.
3. I have not had much time to generally kick back, relax, enjoy a slice of cake and bit of hush.

The results of this is my body springing it's usual physical equivalent of defcon three, ie a cold sore.

There is nothing nice to be said for a cold sore. They are not pretty. They are not fun. But it's sort of my own fault for running myself down a bit. I'm like one of those hypochondriac patients in Carry On Films. "Woe is meeeee! Matron!".

So very shortly, I'm abandoning these shores - with their gloomy news, befuddled seasons and wearisome deadlines - for New York City.

I've been before so have done most of the touristy stuff. Anyone got any tips for what next? MOMA is on my list..

* FULL DISCLAIMER: I slightly fancy Derren Brown. I know, right, a bit unusual, yeah? I'm sure it has all sorts of Freudian undertones. But there we are.


GreatSheElephant said...

Lemme see. The Frick is really nice if you haven't done that yet.

For shopping, Century 21, down by Ground Zero.

Check out that new elevated park?

Boz said...

Highline and Century 21 are on my list! I have heard good things about both. Although apparently you can see people having sex in the Standard Hotel from the Highline. This is not why I plan to go, I assure you... (dusting off Gran's bird watching binoculars..)

Michael said...

Do you *really* fancy him or has he just made you *think* you do?

Geoff said...

Blimey, it sounds like Rear Window.

I've never been so I can't offer any advice. CBGB's museum?

Have a good one, Boz.

Oli said...

My wife also fancies Derren Brown. And Darth Vadar, for some reason.

Hedgie said...

The Frick is great, as is the Morgan Library, if you're into early 20th-century plutocrats' collections. The Highline sounds essential (with or without binoculars) and so is MOMA.

I think you can get to the top of the Rockerfeller centre now - views downtown to the relatively nearby Empire State quite magnificent. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

Boz said...

Oli - Darth vadar scares the minions out of me ever since an unfortunate incident in a supermarket when I was three. Mum thought it would be so cool for me to meet Darth... I freaked out.

Cheers for the awesome advice, lovely commentators. I will obviously be prancing around the Rockerfeller Plaza pretending I'm Liz Lemon.. oh dear.

Had not thought about Frick so this is really helpful.

Boz said...

Horrors. Am now wondering if crush is induced by 'magic hands'. Because I think this man is extremely handsome.

This may be a very specified breed of lust..