Thursday, September 03, 2009

Traumatised by Ghostwatch, for starters

An important revelation about telly has arisen following the second blog* meeting between me, James of Blue Cat fame, Billy and Jayne.

There was talk about telly** and it struck me ("ow") that a lot of the TV that I really like and has really influenced me, was the stuff that I was not allowed to watch when I was younger.

I was a bit weedy and wet as a child (IN A GOOD WAY). So a lot of scary stuff was right out almost immediately (actually this might not just be telly - a Radio 4 Edgar Allan Poe adaptation had me literally shaking once). Anything I was shuffled away from has been the subject of endless interest as an adult. I think mum had a pretty good sense of the things that would cause sleepless nights (for me and therefore her) so would firmly switch over, off or the subject of our focus. But now anything sci-fi-ish and properly creepy I think is brillig.

And I have very deep memories of my sitting up in bed and hearing my parents and sister next door, laughing hysterically to Blackadder, which I had been summaraily dispatched to bed before the start of. I crept along the hall, knelt down beside the battered church pew*** and sat by the - firmly closed - living room door hearing them laugh their heads off.

"That must be a good thing," thought little I. Thus an obsession was born.

Of course, there was also always the lingering sense, the unspoken rule, that anything on ITV was somehow not quite the done thing. So clearly I can also blame/thank my parents for some of my strange class preoccupations, coupled to a socialist soul.

So I worry about my nephews, who can more or less watch what they like, will miss out on the life-shaping habits created by someone saying "No, not for you". Mind you, as the youngest one is still fairly preoccupied by DVDs of steam trains - and I mean ANY DVD of steam trains - I'm not sure there's too much of a problem there.

Anyway. I'm off to try and find a copy of this, on sound recommendation.

* Which was a much soberer affair than the last one, because we all had some proper grown-up things to do the next day. Like making presentations, meeting new people and trying to overthrow Slough.
** One of my BEST types of talks.
*** Don't go there. We had two. And screaming atheism.


Billy said...

How could I have not mentioned Ghostwatch? That scared the life out of me.

It is available on YouTube, but I'm not going to watch it. No way.

Michael said...

My parents were very good about letting me watch what I wanted - and I wanted to watch everything, from a very early age. I can remember ITV sitcoms that even the people who were in them can't: Tripper's Day (later Slinger's Day), Full House, That's My Boy!, Up The Elephant and Round The Castle anyone?

The only thing I was ever stopped from watching was Chimera, a BBC adaptation of a Stephen Gallagher book about a human/ape hybrid. Still haven't seen it to this day.

I'm really grateful that they were so unconcerned about my voracious viewing (with that one, and therefore notable, exception), though the main result is that I have a head full of nonsense.

"Put 'em in the fridge - coooool 'em! Mars Bars and Milky Way!"

Boz said...

Billy - I am genuinely too scared to watch Ghostwatch on YouTube. Even reading its Wikipedia page brings me out in the screaming ab dabs.

Michael - I have never heard of any of those. But does it beats as it sweeps as it cleans..?

Anonymous said...

pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!