Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What's in a name..

Piddling around on the internets at work I found a list of some of the acronyms used by Marketing people to describe certain demographic audiences.

Some of them are absurdly specific: "ORCHID: One Recent Child Heavily In Debt. With a newborn in tow 'orchids' have limited capacity to spend or travel – an image in contrast to the exotic flower that describes them.

I suppose, somewhat depressingly into the GUPPIE category: "Gay Urban Professional. Like yuppies, but with longer-term high‑spend potential because of the guppie’s reduced likelihood of having children to look after. Alternatively, a “green yuppie”..

I don't want to be like Yuppies, thankyewverrmuch. I think of myself as Single Homosexual Inner-city Toiler, thanks. And I demanded to be marketed at as such.


Geoff said...

Married Only No Kids For I See Hell.

Betty said...

Cynical Old Dragon.

Marketing men have already claimed the SHIT acronym to describe themselves. Or, more specifically, LITTLE SHITS.

Michael said...

Kitsch Romantic Individual Slightly Shop-soiled Also Known As Blighted Underachiever Slumming Indolently.