Thursday, November 05, 2009

Took ages to glue that ferris wheel together

Having enormous fun with this online tilt shift thing. Which as far as I can make out is just that trendy way to make pictures look as if they are of very small things that seems very 'in vogue' on adverts and things at the moment.

I took this picture on the flight back into London from India, and used the online thingy to shuszz it up:


If you're a proper computer bod, unlike luddite me who just bashes keys until the right things happen or bits fall off*, then there is a Photoshop Tutorial here.

* Not really I love my mac laptop. LOVE. But only use approx 0.1% of its magnificent power and capabilities.


Hedgie said...

That is truly amazing. Gorgeous work, sir.

*My mac votes in sympathy with yours. However, it's their owners' sense of technical superiority which counts.

Anonymous said...

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