Monday, November 30, 2009

We are a GO for seasonal merriment! Launching mince pie rocket guns!

I still enjoy pottering about here.

So, brace yourselves, I think I'm going to do the Further Advents thing again (click the tag below for more seasonal drivel) and see if I can blog SOMETHING every day up until Christmas.

I know it's still a bit early. But our neighbours put up their Christmas tree the third week in November. So we had them shot. Obviously.

* How very Churchillian. Someone told me the other day that David Cameron's lead speechwriter is 27. I may vomit.

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Annie said...

Good good. Everyone has migrated to Twitter or Facebook and blogland is a lonely place these days. I applaud your further advents. I'm hoping Taiga the Fox will also do her crazy Superloner advent calender too.