Friday, December 04, 2009

Day Four. Over-excitement.

You know how some Decembers you really feel Christmas, and others you don't?

This year I am really feeling Christmas. By the time the actual thing comes around I could well be a gibbering, shaking wreck of tinsel, wrapping paper and fairy lights.* I'm very much in danger of boring people a bit, I think.

I'm already so excited I actually baked actual mince** pies this week. Actual. Mince. Pies. And they weren't bad either.***

So today's advent is the recipe for, that's right folks, mince pies. I found this on the intermawebs c/o the lovely BBC here.

I'm sure I'm not the only one champing at the Christmas bit, either. It's been a rubbish year for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. I think everyone needs an excuse to have some fun.

I shall stop there, for fear of turning my diatribe into that of an elderly and well-meaning parish vicar..

Mince on!

* And that's before the parental homemade wine comes out.
*** Okay the second batch weren't bad. The first were.. a touch crispy.

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Hedgie said...

That's fantastic! I haven't ever made mince pies, but my neighbour does. Did you use homemade mince?

One of my elderly Polish relatives landed up in London in the aftermath of WWII (at Christmastime). She wandered into a shop and asked for mincemeat - and was very surprised by what she was given . . .