Thursday, December 03, 2009

Day Three and already we're stealing YouTube clips

Weeeellllllll it was only a matter time before some YouTube goodness popped up. And I'm shamelessly stealing from another adventy-themed undertaking form the spankingly marvellous TV Cream.

Some 1980s' Christmas telly adverts? Oh I think so.

(Personally, I think that Mandate one looks a bit, well, assault-ish, if you ask me. Also I think we've found out what the Oxo mum has been doing when that family finally get out of the house.)

Muppets on Christmas? Go on then.

(originals are here and here and really you should also be following TV Cream on Twitter).

Tia Maria, anyone?


Tim Footman said...

At what point did Kestrel shift their marketing focus from thinking men to stinking men?

Boz said...

I don't know, but it's reassuring to know Hugh Laurie has always looked about thirteen.

Doris said...

That was fun. Though I do fancy a Martini with an Old Spice chaser now.

Hedgie said...

You're being very good, keeping up with this Advent posting idea. You inspired in me a wish to follow your example, but alas it's been three days now and I don't seem to got round to it yet.

Boz said...

Doris - It can only be a matter of time before they launch New Spice. or Mixed Spice - for a man or a woman.

Hedgie - there is no reason not to have random outbursts of festive blogging! have you seen the Carnaby Street lights this year?

Hedgie said...

Indeed I have :-)