Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day Twenty Two - A Plea

Today's advent contains nothing more than my heartfelt plea to ignore every piece of advice found in this piece.*

Get over this one as well, while you're there.

I'll be stuffing myself silly, until I have sprouts coming out of my ears. Because it's traditional.**


* I know. The DM. Sozza.

** This sounds pretty selfish since there are people starving in the world, I know. But it continues in the vein of my long-running campaign that food is once of the last pleasures humanity has. Enjoy it while you can.


LaLa said...

"As for work parties and other events where the food is simply all-round poor — have something satisfying such as high-fibre cereal with milk or an apple to eat before you go..."

Kill. Me. Now.

Also, can we go to that cupcake shop when I come see you?

Boz said...


Michael said...

Keep going! You've been doing so well. Don't fall at the final hurdle...