Tuesday, December 01, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...

...my true parents gave to me, a big pile of crap belonging to me!

I'm not kidding. My dad took me to visit my Gran this weekend. Mother phoned me a few days before hand to ask if it was alright if he dropped off one or two books of mine that were still at my parents place.

Of course not, I said.

Foolish, foolish error.

Turns out that "a few books" equates to six boxes, seven bags and my parents rubbing their hands with glee. I am literally surrounded by tat and toot. My bed is marooned in a sea of cardboard.

I have NO idea where I'm going to put this stuff. Books, children's books, old toys, school uniforms, exercise books, a disco ball, LPs... it goes on. Oxfam and Save The Children on Clapham High Street are going to get a sizeable chunk, I reckon. It's time to say goodbye to a few things.

The posters are worth a special mention. Some awesome Tim Hunkin ones I wouldn't mind seeing framed, but a whole LOT of 90's music posters. Mostly free ones that came with Select. Ash, Sleeper, Boo Radleys, Oasis... am I too old to put

Don't blame the parents though. They live in a tiny wee place, and my stuff cluttering up their space is most unfair. It's going to be interesting sorting out the stuff here where I live, rather than under their roof. Some tough decisions will be made.

And now to Freecycle, to try and find some shelves...


I'm two boxes in and already have genuine fear. Turns out keeping everything I've ever been given and everything anyone ever sent me may not have been such a tip-top idea. People, I'm a hoarder...


I thought I'd unpack all the books, to see if I can group them together and just sort of see where I am. Unfortunately it turns out there where I am is surrounded by piles of books and having a small nervous breakdown.


GreatSheElephant said...

Well as long as there's no dead cat underneath it all.

Can you ebay some of it and make some £££?

Boz said...

GSE - I own every cinema ticket I've ever had since I was 14. I'm now 30. That's not.. normal... is it? Either way - I don't think anyone is going to pay any money for them. :-(

LaLa said...

I know this feeling so well. I used to keep every copy of Q, Select, The Face and Sky magazine that I bought... Can you believe I used to buy most of them EVERY month in a wee town in Australia, and they were imported from the UK? It cost me a small fortune so naturally I assumed they would be worth something someday. After lugging a massive suitcase of magazines for a couple of years (surprisingly heavy) I finally gave up and turfed the lot. Have barely spared them a thought since.

I do hoard a lot of other things though, I really like those clear placcy boxes that fit under the bed. You can fit heaps of crap in them (like my old London Tube pass and 2001 edition of the A-Z)

blackwatertown said...

There must be the makings of a CGI-packed disaster movie in this. "In a world where..." er, I dunno... tsunamis of books engulf every living thing... Only one man with a flimsy cardboard box and fading resolve stands between life as we know it and total annihilation...

That sort of thing.