Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Word Witch

I'm the first to admit I can be a bit free and easy (read as: shoddy) with the English language. Certainly on this blog anyway.

But surely the publishers of esteemed periodicals such as Poultry World, Optician and Electronics Weekly would know a thing or three about the English language.

'Parrently not. Unless they are making redundancies with a car-crusher.

'Impacted' should be banned. Innit.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Human


I thought Being Human was quite good.

I laughed a bit. It held my attention. Some interesting possibilities were set-up. And the cast changes didn't bother me too much either.*

All in all it was all jolly good fun, I enjoyed it and will be tuning in next week. Despite rapidly falling out of the BBC3 demographic.

But then I do like things with a small group of people developing habits together. Getting all clique-y. Like the Wombles.

Er. Bit worried about the potential death count though. Still. S'only Bristol..

* Er. Once I'd stop being distracted by how well Aidan Turner wears a t-shirt. Look, I'm not perfect. I know that's a pervy thing to say. I will at least admit that. The acting was good too, and all.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adventures in India - Part One

Right. It turns out I took over a thousand pictures of India. Aha. Sometimes I wonder if digital cameras really are a good idea..

Hold on to your seats.

India, is a bit 1970s sometimes.. We did a lot of traveling around. I should say now me and my best mate Lady Donna went to visit her sister, who has been teaching art there for a year.

Yes. You can imagine how many pictures of mountains I have. The patchworky foliage at the bottom is part of a tea tree plantation.

In one region we passed through by train, all the station signs were imitations of London Underground signs.

5,000 year old cave paintings! You may need to click on this to make it bigger, matron.

This tea is not really tea. It's beer. Which is an easier approach than the places we went to that made us hide the beer bottles under the table because they either did not have a license or the beer was from the wrong region. The Government fixes the price of beer in each state.

Mmmm! Snackage!

River trip!

Boz is very easily amused. But then you knew this..

Kerala backwaters.

More backwaters in Kerala.

Beach we kicked off the holiday at. Pretty refreshing after a 14 hour train journey - which was huge fun. Felt very Darjeeling Limited.

And, the mandatory comedy cat picture..

Er. More to come?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eat this, Mavis Beacon

Yes, yes, India pictures. I know. This weekend though. Trust me. No, really, trust me..

Being late to the party as always, does anyone have any views on Twitter? I am thinking of dipping a toe into it, but it's already complicated - do I be Boz, my real name, another alias... what what what? Is it any good? Should I bother? Will I just start using one line quips and not blogging properly?

Hmm. And hmm again.

Incidentally, I have some amazing noise canceling headphones. I am never traveling without them EVER again - you can actually hear things on airplanes! Although when you are just plodding around south London they echo the sound of your footfalls, which is not so good.

But the point of this is that thanks to my new headphones I have discovered that typing when you can't hear the noise your fingers make on the keyboard is enormously empowering.

Try it now, go on. Crank up something energetic and up-tempo on your MP3 player and plug in. I got through twice as much work as normal yesterday morning, thanks to the theme from Hot Fuzz.

Monday, January 19, 2009

But now I'm back! From outer space! You just clicked through to find me here with this sad look upon my face!

So it turns out that after the hot, wonderful, crowded streets of India, reaclimatising back to London is difficult. This glorious city that I have loved is cold, peoples.

And DARK in the morning.

And feels really empty.

And everyone is wearing coats...

So. I have decided I need to identify some positive things things to help leverage up some cheer. So far, I have the following:

1. Hot showers. This is a bit unfair as showering with cold water becomes very easy when the temperature is 30 degrees and upwards, and you've been a sweaty betty all day. But, ahhh, warm water how I missed thy soft and gently caress..

2. Pavements. Yes. Surprisingly simple, no? But after spending three weeks in a chaotic and exciting land, where cows (damn rightly) have full priority over all the beeping traffic and shop fronts take up most of the pedestrian space, a few concrete paving slabs are turning out to be a joyful novelty.

3. The return of Being Human on the telly box. Although. I'm not good with change and have yet to determine if I'm entirely happy with the cast changes from the pilot (that Andera Riseborough is MARVELLOUS, and will be missed*).

4. The fact that I am now offically older than our favourite Gallifreyan Timelord. I quite like that, somehow. And very excited about The Moff. And I will happily admit I took half an hour out out of 'trekking' in the hills on India to sit in an internet cafe and catch-up on the breaking-as-it-happened-news and subsequent reactions from the blogosphere, after a text message from my erstwhile flatmate. Yes. I know. Loser I am.

5. That nice chap in America starting his new job. Because that genuinely does make the world a better place to be in, I think. So that's good.

But now I need help. These five things are not going to get me through the rest of January, let alone to a point where it's actually light when I wake up in the morning.

So I need you, dear visitor, to help me expand on this.

What other good stuff is happening in the world?? What are you looking forward to in 2009? What light is wavering on your horizon, to offer hope among the muted darkness? Hmmm??

Comments please.

(You will be rewarded for your troubles with pictures of FARAWAY that's nice, isn't it)

UPDATE: Frankly, I have no right to make demands or please for help if I can't avoid typos in posts. Le sigh. I may have hit on an inadvertent and belated NY resolution.

* I can, if pushed, be dangerously prone to luvvie-ness.