Friday, January 08, 2010

Less flattering lighting..? Shoddier props..?

I'm suffering a sever attack of spam commentators. Which is pointless because I have moderation on the whole time anyway.

I let one through the other day, because it sounded like my mum telling me how good my blog is. Naww. But now I can't find what post it was attached to to point this out to people. Damn.

This morning, this was waiting for my approval:

Any idea how credit crunch affected porn?

In other words, has it suffered a "down turn". BOOM BOOM.

The mind boggles. I suspect it's a fairly strong industry at the moment. Well, with all this snow and people trapped indoors with nothing to do.. draw your own conclusions, if not the curtains.

I wonder what out of work pronstars do next...

No. I have to stop thinking about this.

It's not as if they invested much in the script for these things in the first place, so there's no money to be saved there. Which would frankly make all the difference. Even in British Pron.

It's all a bit grubby around here this morning, isn't it?!


Turns out the boiler has leaked all over the tea supply in the kitchen. DISASTER. CODE BROWN, CODE BROWN!!

Luckily we have lino. "We have to be able to mop, with Dad's habits..."

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Michael said...

You can't start shouting "Code Brown" after a post like that. Anyway, what I really wanted to ask is: are you happy with the size of your penis?